Monday, September 22, 2014


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JEAN JOACHIM (Sports Romance)
“Pull over,” Emmie said, rising from her comfy seat on the tour bus. “It’s bad enough you had us take this stupid road. Now you wanna stop?” Her manager, Stash, blocked her way.
DAVEE JONES (Contemporary Adult Romance) 
“You know very well what you're going to find in the depths of that place." 
MORGAN WYATT (Contemporary Romance)
Yeah right, and you weren’t eavesdropping either. “Who knows, he might be a charmer.”
TRISHA FAYE (Contemporary Romance)
Thoughts of escape raced through Victoria’s mind like the running of the bulls at Pamplona. Running away – it was her modus operandi.
V. L.LOCEY (Contemporary Romance)
It did not escape my notice that Aunt Jo-Jo had placed me next to Jonah.
George's childhood days were spent in the barn before him.
FLOSSIE BENTON ROGERS (Paranormal Romance)
Lucien Silver opened one bleary eye to see what the hell all the commotion was about.
JAMIE SALISBURY (Contemporary)
 "This was a nice idea. In fact this whole trip was genus. I'm loving the peace, aren't you?"
SARAH CASS (Contemporary Holiday Romance)
Her last attempt at a relationship had been an unmitigated disaster from which she’d emerged without anything. No job, no woman, and it had left her high tailing it as far away as possible. 
TRICIA ANDERSEN (Sports Romance) 
“Becca, it’s just a toy. I can buy another. But to watch Logan play with it will be priceless.”

Monday, September 15, 2014

Tuesday Tales - 12 Writers Writing to the Prompt "Curly"

Welcome back to Tuesday Tales. This week we are writing to the word prompt “curly”.  Click on the author’s name to go to their blog.  Please stop back and visit each author’s blog.  Thank you for coming.
SARAH CASS (Contemporary Romance) “You’re going to kill me in a slow torturous death,” he whispered against her sleeping form. “And I’m going to love every minute.”
MORGAN WYATT(Contemporary Romance)
Not a bad guy, but not great either. She’d hoped he’d develop this great passion for her. 
TRISHA FAYE (Contemporary Romance)
A cold front eased into north Texas that afternoon, sliding down from Oklahoma. As it wrapped its icy tentacles towards Fort Worth customers fled from Oak Grove Square.
SHERRY GLOAG (Romantic Suspense)
She had to make a choice. And do it now. Right or left? 
V.L. LOCEY (M/F Contemporary Romance)
I felt like a teenager waiting for her prom date all Thanksgiving morning.
TRICIA ANDERSEN (Steampunk Romance)
I was here because I wanted to be with you.  I touched you, I kissed you because I wanted you deep in my core to the point I ached. 
JILLIAN CHANTAL (Contemporary)
Maybe it was time to move ahead and put the past behind her.
IRIS BLOBEL (Contemporary Romance)
“I’m offended,” she said with a laugh. “Emily Bradshaw.” With an exaggerated sigh she added. “The man who gave me my first kiss can’t even remember me.”
JEAN JOACHIM (Sports Romance)
The cheerleaders, referred to as The Connecticut Queens, were practicing on the field while the team was warming up.
Karol pulled away from the hospital, she didn't bother staying in the mess of reporters.
JAMIE SALISBURY (Contemporary)
Choice Affairs
Susan Pickett White, my soon to be mother-in-law. The woman is also a self-centered, narcissistic bitch. I would say she's self-absorbed or perhaps even egotistical, but for Susan that's lightweight. 
DAVEE JONES (Contemporary Romance)
Split the Uprights
“All I could think about was lacing my fingers through his curly hair and pulling very hardtri."

Monday, September 8, 2014


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JEAN JOACHIM (Sports romance)

Buddy turned to his favorite page in the scrapbook. The one with the picture of Emmie and him at the junior prom. 
TRISHA FAYE (Contemporary Romance)
She took the bulky envelope he offered her. Her irritation subsided and was replaced with curiosity.
V.L. LOCEY (M/F Contemporary Romance)
“Sure, I want a man but should it be Jonah Big Deer? He`s younger than me.”
IRIS BLOBEL (Sports Romance)
Sighing, she turned off the engine and stepped out of the car. It was time to face the truth.
MORGAN WYATT (Contemporary Romance)
 Oh hell, her real blunder was not killing him when she met him. Sure, other problems would have resulted.
JILLIAN CHANTAL (Contemporary)
Once ready to leave for work, she put her hair up in a bun and tugged on a black beret.
DAVEE JONES(Contemporary Romance)
Split the Uprights 
A ribbon of doubt waved through me.
JAMIE SALISBURY (Contemporary Fiction)
"Problems?" He asked, never stopping his magical dance. His touch intoxicated me. How was that possible.
SHERRY GLOAG (Romantic Suspense)
Pain and bitter cold threatened to spin him back into the blackness. His head ached and his face throbbed.
“He didn’t need undue attention right now or the manager calling the police or looney trolley to pick him up.” 

Monday, July 28, 2014


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V. L. LOCEY(M/F Contemporary Romance)
 “It was a joke." He frowned, a small morning breeze lifting long black tendrils that had slithered free of his braid.  
IRIS BLOBEL(Sports Romance)
She’d been close to tears when she’d heard Markus’ words. Sleeping with him mightn’t have been a good idea, she admitted that, even if it hadn’t felt like it at the time.
“You guys are never going to let me forget that, are you?” Philip stuck out his bottom lip.
SARAH CASS(Contemporary)
He went from standing still to pacing around her in a heartbeat. She couldn’t decide if it was more lion stalking its prey, or caged animal working off nerves while looking for an escape.  
DAVEE JONES(Contemporary Adult Romance) 
Multiple Scorgasms 
My recent obsession with pie and brownies had something to do with it." 
TABITHA SHAY(Historical Romance)
Startled, Emily snatched up the rifle and leveled it on his chest. “Don’t move.”
He dropped the reins and raised his hands in surrender. “No ma’am. I reckon I’ll just stand right here until you tell me otherwise.” STEFAN ELLERY(Thriller)
He landed on the lower roof his feet slid on the gravel and he leaned over too far.
JAMIE SALISBURY(Mainstream Fiction)
I heard the sound of Jack letting out a deep breath. "You want to clue me in?"
"Jim is the man who murdered Charles. I'm convinced of it."
MORGAN K. WYATT (Cougar Romance)
At one time, she thought his name signaled she finally stumbled across a good man.

Monday, July 21, 2014


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JEAN JOACHIM (Sports Romance)
“I’ve met someone,” Griff said into the phone to his sister, Kathy.“Fantastic! Who is she?
TRICIA FAYE (Contemporary Romance) 
“Honey, I think you’re going to have to break down and do the coffee bit this morning. I don’t think your Chai Tea is going to touch that shade of drag ass you’re wearing this morning.”
V. L. LOCEY(M/F Contemporary Romance)
“Jonah, what are you doing?” I asked after swallowing. I did not pull my hand away. His was warm and big and calloused.
IRIS BLOBEL(Sports Romance)
The phone rang, and Sarah moved away, but Oliver didn’t budge. The answering machine switched on, and they listened to Markus’ voice.
DAVEE JONES(Contemporary Adult Romance)
Multiple Scorgasms
“I don’t know, Danika. I love you, but, I don’t know how to love someone without sex involved.”
TABITHA SHAY(Paranormal)
Gray Mortuary—where all things go bump in the night.
But this? This was impossible. JAMIE SALISBURY (Fiction)  
Long before Jim, I had a delightful editor by the name of Matilda York.Long before Jim, I had a delightful editor by the name of Matilda York.
John could hear the call over the PA for visitors to leave.  
FLOSSIE BENTON ROGERS (Paranormal Romance)
His voice deepened. “I’ll stick.”

Monday, July 14, 2014


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JEAN JOACHIM (Sports Romance)
He was surprised to find Jo Parker there, staring up at the moon until he startled her.
IRIS BLOBEL (Sports Romance)
Moving his hand to his chest, he said, “Ouch. That went straight to the heart. I thought I’d be your BFF.”
“You’re the love of my life,” she replied, with a slap on his arm. 
TRISHA FAYE (Contemporary Romance)
The wagging tails at the front door almost dispelled her wrath.
V. L. LOCEY (Contemporary Romance)
“What the hell are you doing, Dana?” I questioned my reflection.
JILLIAN CHANTAL(Contemporary) 
“You two quit mooning over the moon and let’s go eat.”
SARAH CASS (Contemporary Romance)
"The moon has always been your guide, you know this. How many nights did I find you wandering, trying to chase it through these hills?"
MORGAN K. WYATT (Contemporary Romance)
The Inheritance
Charmer. Who knew a dog could seriously complicate a love life.
DAVEE JONES (Contemporary Adult Romance)
"Literally, I saw her in a new light, the silvery moonlight illuminated the truth."
Lila stood under the full moon as, a requirement of those who wish to serve the goddess
TABITHA SHAY (Paranormal Romance) 
“Spoilsport. Don’t you ever like to just have fun?”
“Now don’t look at me like that, Ginger Snap,” Kadence said, her pale green eyes sparkling with silent laughter.
KATHLEEN BALL (Contemporary Western Romance)
Later, after all the men finished eating and the dishes done, Cinders wandered out to the front steps and sat.
FLOSSIE BENTON ROGERS (Paranormal Romance)
She moved with catlike stealth along the faint narrow tracks, using only the light of the full moon and night vision heightened by the drop of fae blood running through her veins. No high tech goggles.

Monday, July 7, 2014


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JEAN JOACHIM (Sports Romance)
Restless on the warm summer night, Pete Sebastian wandered in to The Savage Beast. Saturday night was karaoke night at the bar.
V. L. LOCEY (M/F Contemporary Romance)
I had a very naughty image of that blanket of onyx satin falling over my face as Jonah lowered his naked body over mine.
TRISHA FAYE (Contemporary Romance)
It’s got to be him. No wonder he has no interest in sentimental items – he’s too busy destroying the community in the name of progress.
IRIS BLOBEL (Sports Romance)
There was a moment of silence, before he raised his eyebrows and replied, “About time!”
Shocked, confused, and a tiny bit amused, she leaned back to meet his gaze. “Beg yours?” 
Summers breath at my back
A destiny I did not choose.
SARAH CASS (Contemporary Romance)
“I wanted a fling, Patty.”
“You’re getting a little old to be flinging yourself around.”
My first night in a new place and in spite of the air conditioning, 
it was summer in the deep south. It never got comfortable until the middle of the night.
JILLIAN CHANTAL (Contemporary)
“Time to channel some Billy Joel or Elton John, don’t you think?”
MORGAN K. WYATT (Contemporary Romance)
The Inheritance
Her eyes met his over the rim of the glass. What was not to like about the man?
FLOSSIE BENTON ROGERS (Paranormal Romance)
Kestrel steeled herself as the guard brought in the next prisoner, a narrow faced man of about thirty. Gray streaks peppered his dark hair, and the sallow cast of his skin told her he didn’t get three squares a day.